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Have you dined at a restaurant you loved? Had a plumber go that extra mile for you? How about the mechanic who always ensures your car is clean? Reviews on finda are a great way to let your fellow kiwis know about the great service you’ve had from local kiwi businesses.

Had a less than stellar experience with a business? Reviews on finda can be a good way to share some constructive feedback, or alert other customers to watch out for less than professional behaviour.

What makes a great review?

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules around reviews, your reviews should be based on your personal experiences with businesses and their services. Be honest, constructive and helpful. Try to stay objective and avoid naming anyone in your review.

When writing your reviews, feel free to add a bit of humor, tell a story – remember your review may help others shape their choices about where to eat, drink or shop.

But my experience was bad?

It happens, you went to a great café, but they were having an off day. The plumber you hired turned out to be not quite as you expected. We encourage you to share your experience with other kiwis, we do however ask that you stick to the facts, be honest and helpful.

Make sure you talk about the positives as well as the negatives, be constructive – maybe offer some suggestions or tips about how you might have liked the experience to have gone.

Note: we do moderate all reviews. If your review contains bad language, or is slanderous we reserve the right not to publish it. Don’t worry, you always get a chance to edit & resubmit your review.

What if I see a review that is inappropriate on my (or any other) business?

If you spot a review that you feel is inappropriate for any reason, please let us know. Under each review you’ll see a link allowing you to mark this review as inappropriate. Just click the link, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why must I be logged in?

When someone is willing to login to place a review, we know they are willing to stand beside what they say. We give you full control over your review so you can tweak it at anytime.

We have plans we hope to show very soon that will make this process even easier by allowing you to use your Facebook login to place reviews on finda.

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