Adding value to your business listing

What you can't list

The following items cannot be listed in accordance with our terms and conditions.

  • Pyramid or other commission jobs and businesses which do not involve the sale of a legitimate product.
  • All businesses involving the sale or exchange of the following breeds of dogs:
    • Argentinian Dogo
    • Japanese Tozo
    • Brazillian Fila
    • American Pitbull
  • Businesses which do not provide full details of the product or service involved.
  • Businesses which promote gambling, gambling websites, or gaming activities that breach the Gaming and Lotteries Act
  • Businesses involving activities, products or services which maybe considered offensive or illegal
  • Business listings that imply that the business intends to unlawfully discriminate are prohibited by the Human Rights Act 1993. Discrimination may be unlawful it is based on any of the following grounds:
    • Sex, including pregnancy
    • Marital status
    • Religious beliefs
    • Ethical beliefs
    • Colour
    • Race
    • Ethnic or national origins
    • Disability
    • Age
    • Political opinion
    • Employment status
    • Family status
    • Sexual orientation
  • The following terms are prohibited from listings:
    • Single applicants only'
    • 'Married man required'
    • ''Unmarried mother'
    • 'De facto couples only'
    • 'No gays'
    • 'No queers'
    • 'Straights only'
    • 'No Maoris'
    • 'New Zealanders only'
    • The use of: 'he, she, male, female, girl, boy, woman, man'
    • No children

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